Rakuten Viber offers brands a three-month free trial for Conversational Business Messages

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Mariia Martyrosian
Global PR & Marketing Innovations Director at Rakuten Viber
Rakuten Viber offers brands a three-month free trial for Conversational Business Messages

As a global leader in messaging communication, Rakuten Viber has become a go-to platform for people to connect with family, friends, and colleagues—and this time, with brands too. Engaging conversations remain at the heart of everything Rakuten Viber offers, including its suite of business messaging solutions that help companies connect with their customers in a personal way, especially amid the rise of conversational commerce.

Businesses that are yet to experience the benefits of one-to-one and interactive communication with their customers can try out a 3-month free trial of Conversational Business Messages on Rakuten Viber during a special promo period. The trial is available to any new or existing Business Messages account sending conversational messages for the first time. The promo will last from April 4th to June 30th, 2022 across global markets. Any brand sending its first conversational message during this period receives 90 days of free conversational messages from the date of the first message. 

Rakuten Viber Conversational Business Messages

What’s in it for them? Conversational messages on Rakuten Viber are counted by Sessions. A Session is a 24-hour time window allowing brands and users to exchange multiple messages in a conversation—a brand can send up to 60 messages within this time frame. A Session starts after a user messages the brand, but the brand is only charged after replying to the user. Sessions allow brands and users to have real conversations—dialogues that help brands solve user issues in real time and build a relationship with the audience.

Although primarily used for customer support, Conversational Business Messages can open a new avenue of communication between brands and customers. Conversations with live agents can cover many subjects like managing order and delivery details, helping choose a product, making a booking, or managing loyalty products. Companies can also drive purchases via interactive communication, improve customer retainment, support the post-purchase experience, and more. 

It’s been found by studies that 73% of consumers prefer to communicate with a brand they can message rather than call and 58% of them believe that messaging is also the fastest way to communicate with brands. What’s more, 74% of customers prefer messaging with businesses if a real person is responding.

While communication between brands and consumers is constantly evolving, business messaging is growing too. Brands actively use rich services and capabilities Rakuten Viber provides them with, and the numbers show as much: in 2021, Rakuten Viber saw a 55% surge in the number of new Rakuten Viber business message accounts opened to establish 1-to-1 connection with customers and a cumulative growth of 20% across all types of business messages delivered. There was a significant growth in Conversational Business Messages across all markets, with some countries seeing a surge of up to 300%.

Rakuten Viber’s Conversational Business Messages can help manage multiple business cases in a single channel: brands can keep up with their customers’ demand for personal interaction—and get many opportunities to enhance the brand experience at each stage of the customer journey.

Don’t miss an opportunity to start meaningful conversations with your customers: start a 3-month free trial of Rakuten Viber Conversational Business Messages NOW