What is Viber for Business? Your questions answered

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Johnny Beverton
Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Rakuten Viber
What is Viber for Business? Your questions answered

Here at Viber, we love speaking with our customers existing and new to help them solve problems, maximise revenues and achieve business goals.

Along the way we encounter a lot of different questions about how things work and as part of our mission to help, the team have collated some of our most frequently asked questions to help you on your journey with Viber for Business.

How do I open a Viber for Business account?

Viber for Business is not an account in the typical sense - it’s more a collection of solutions. Let’s break them down:

Business Messages 

Built as an alternative to SMS, Business Messages allow brands to initiate a conversation and create a deeper connection with their existing opt-in customer base in a one-to-one setting.

Whether you need to provide customer care, delivery updates, transactional services or promotional messages, our solutions offer it all

To get started, select one of our approved Business Messages partners to create your channel and start sending your messages - they are on call to help you achieve your goals.

To learn more about how Business Messages have evolved, check out our blog from Noa Bar Shay, our Senior Partnerships Account Director.


Chatbots are the perfect channel to engage the conversation with new and existing customers. Your bot can be a true sales channel to offer your services and sell your goods. Automate workflow by adding buttons and customizing your user keyboard.

To get started, create your bot account and develop your chatbot in-house by following our API guidance. Need assistance? Our trusted partners can help you to develop your bot.

To learn more about how Chatbots have evolved, check out our blog from Etienne Dupont, our Senior Director of Business Messaging Solutions.


People love to gather on Viber and we’ve made it easier than ever to engage your audience with exciting content, news and updates - whatever your industry. Create your community and spread the word to gather your fans on it to keep them updated with your latest news and updates. See and measure their reactions to your messages, videos or pictures and get their attention with polls and quizzes.

Create your community in 3 clicks directly in the Viber mobile app from your Chats screen:

"Write” icon > New Community > Add a name - Save

Advertising solutions 

We offer various advertising touch points within Viber for you to reach our global audience as they interact with their family and friends. Our ads are non intrusive, multi-format and versatile. 

To get started, head over to our Advertising Solutions page, browse and pick the solution that’s right for you then get in touch using the “Get started” button - the team will be happy to assist you further.


We believe that a picture really is worth a thousand words. That’s why we offer numerous ways to express yourself with Viber stickers - whether it be through branding with sound or animation - we’ve got you covered. With each Viber sticker shared 11 times on average with 1 billion sent per month.

To get started, as per above, head over to our Advertising Solutions page and navigate to the Stickers section.

Want to learn more about all of the above? Be sure to check out our latest media kit to learn more.

How have others successfully used Viber for Business?

Countless brands have used Viber for Business for successful customer relationships, campaigns and more - head over to our Success Stories page for more information and get inspired!